Frontiersman Questionnaire 2021

Frontiersman Questionnaire

1. Annexation

I support asking areas around Palmer if they want to join Palmer. I would start with the areas our Annexation study identified as the most efficient. We need to focus on the basics such as streets, water, sewer, fire and police. When we grow, we need to make sure we keep up with what we are already doing.

2. Local Business

Currently the city is finalizing the process where businesses can pay their sales tax online. This has been a long time coming and something I think all our city council wants to see. I remember helping work on the first website for Friday Fling years ago. The Friday Fling was an idea birthed from the adhoc downtown merchants group. It has grown and flourished over the years. I think we need to look for more ideas like this we can work together to help Palmer’s businesses and residents prosper.

3. Palmer Police

Recently the city employees (not just the police department) completed classes learning to recognize and address Unconscious Bias, Microaggression in the Workplace and Worplace Diversity. These classes are good but what is more important are the people. I believe in all our First Responders including our Palmer Police. I want to make sure they have the tools (including training) they need to serve in their positions. If people know of specific problems, please contact me. I want to address them.

4. Improving Palmer

I came up with the theme of Getting Back On Track. The City of Palmer needs to get back to doing the basics of what cities do. We take care of streets, provide water and sewer, fire and police departments. The city should focus on these things and respect people and businesses freedom to choose how they want to work and live.

5. Vision for Palmer

I like Palmer and giving back to my community. I want to see the City of Palmer focus on the basic and important things that cities do best: streets, water & sewer and first responders. We need to keep our people safe and allow them the freedom to live their lives as they choose.

Paid for by Steve Carrington for Council, PO Box 3333, Palmer, Alaska 99645